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How to use TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a voice channel reserved only for members of the server to discuss and play in a friendly environment. If you gave a microphone, follow these steps.

  • Download TeamSpeak at .
  • After installing TeamSpeak on your computer, open it, and go to « tools » then to « identities ».
  • Copy the charateres under the  « ID » field , it will look like this : « VpJM01HDFDSff45sekokmq1dE4= » .
  • Go to your profile, and paste it into the “teamspeak” field.
  • Your rights will be active about an hour after registering the page, or if you can not wait to hear from us, ask for an admin available in game or on RC.
  • The address of our Teamspeak

How to use you DONOR tag

A nice way to feel pretty : the DONOR Tag.

  • You must go to your profile page,
  • Then insert your steam_id in the corresponding field. Warning: the field must begin with: STEAM_1:

Rejoindre notre chat en ligne, Rocketchat:

To access all of this, you must have made a first donation to the server, and have a positive credit balance .

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