This server is intended to help beginner players. An add-on alters player’s health according to their ratio. Players can have up to 150 HP. Players with more than 100 HP are colored in blue for CT and red for terrorists.
By playing on our server, you accept these rules.

Main rules

  • Players in blue or red are weak players, with more than 100 HP.
  • This server allows camping, under the sole condition that it does not hinder the objective of the map in progress. (plant a bomb, save hostages, …)
  • When the bomb is planted, it is possible to choose a wire for quick defusing. When defusing, if a CT selects a wire, the bomb explodes or is instantly deactivated
  • Sharing information is prohibited once you are dead unless it is intended to help a beginner.
  • We play in the good atmosphere, and for that, it is forbidden to talk about cheat in game. We have a public space on RocketChat to talk about it.
  • Cheating is punished with permanent ban

Detailed rules

  • No reference to drugs, alcohol, sex, and especially no religious and / or political opinions. Whether in writing, orally, and also on object labels
  • Insults, continual rage, lowering or any behavior that detracts from the good atmosphere of the server are forbidden
  • Nicknames must be correct, legible and pronounceable
  • Players can go wherever they like on the maps, provided they do not use bugs (transparent textures, invisible walls, off map …)
  • Server members (with tag “STAFF”) are the only decision makers, rely on them.
  • Terrorists are prohibited from staying in the same room as a hostage if there is only one entry.
  • Similarly, it is forbidden to use the hostages as a shield.
  • Drop infos with alternative system (teamspeak, discord,…) is assimiled with cheating